Escort Services


For your exceptional goods towards to Turkey, We're offering you following services: Please feel free to contact our company for your following needs.

Permission of the exceptional cargo:

If your shipment is heavier than 54 tons ( max. Payload incl. Trailer ) and/or open-top , and/or being bigger than following dimensions, You'll absolutely need special permits to move.

Length : 22.000 meters (Truck and the trailer)
Width : 3.00 meters
Height : 4.60 meters

We apply to related Authorities as soon as we get your order. But please take into consideration that The pre-advice should be min. 3 days before entrance of your Truck to any Turkish Border.
We can accept your appliances per fax or e-mail.
Ps. We can also offer our supportive assistance for the permits and escort services for Georgia and Iran.

To begin formalities, following details should be set off:
-The name of the Company / Addresss / Contacts
-Total weight and the dimensions (LXBXH)
-Technical draw of shipment
-Loading Date
-The Complete addresses of the Places between 2 points where the permit starts and ends
-The Plate no's of the truck/trailer
-The own weight of the truck and the trailer as per warranty
-The space between axles
-Number of wheels per axle
-Deadweight per axle

Escort Services


It is essential in Turkey to get escort services if dimensions are over than mentioned above. When necessity escort for your trucks, Do not hesitate to ask our help. We'll be leader of your Trucks in Turkey.

The trucks are forbidden to drive between sunset and the sunrise.

Registration of Your Truck and The Cargo Manifest


Please be aware that Your Company has to be registered when your truck enters from any Turkish Border. The carnet-tir registration will have to make up at the internal Customs Offices as per Carnet-tir declaration. We'll be at your disposal for Carnet-Tir purposes in any city of Turkey with our professional Customs Officers.

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