Groupage Transportation

Our firm acknowledging that the clear identification of cargo in transportation sector coundn't be made, has completed its adaptation for a transportation system wich can answer to all of your transportation needs without considering measure ,kilo and kind of the goods, therefore,
we are proud to be able to say that we are youre business partner not giving you any trouble related to your partiel cargos.



Your any kind and size freights, which are over +1kg , are delivered to Turkey (Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir,Mersin,Bursa) by means of our Europen wide agencies , with swift organization.

Our Exit Days
*(Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg, French transformations are of our Germany central office)
Germayn & Benelux Turkey * We have groupage leavings everyday
Italy Turkey 2 days in a week
England Turkey 2 days in a week
France Turkey Every Wednesday and Friday



We have groupage leavings at every wednesday and Friday from Istanbul to Germany and England.Other country freights are delivered by Trucks from Germany central warehouses directly.

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