Heavy Transport & Project

In todays world the transportation of technology has been increased and nowadays it is usual to carry a complate factory or its equipments, for these reasons our company is capable of carrying all kind of projects.
We have different kind of trucks which can get to 19 mt up to 24 mt;Telescopic Lowbad,high from floor up to 45 cm Pool Lowbad and various styles.
Some of our Lowbads can carry 96 tons, 25mt.Lenght,6mt.Width,4mt.Height loads easly.
All of our trucks have a permissions wich are vaild in Austria-Belgium-Germany-France & Italy.These Vaildity of permissions are change 1 to 5 year which depents on the contries.
These Ready permissions are big advantage for us to going on our bussines without waiting in urgent shipments.we and our customer save 5 or 7 days.
In all kind of shipmets we wold be glad to help you.

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